6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Google Docs Resume Template

If you’re reading this post you’ve probably reached the point in your career where it’s time to upgrade your resume and get back on the job market in search of greener pastures. Before you crack open your word processing software and start fiddling with margins and paragraph spacing, take a minute to step back and think about your resume crafting strategy.  

Here at Resume Shift, our goal is to help you simplify resume writing, increase the quality of your resume, and ensure your resume is easy to update the next time around.

That’s why we recommend you create your resume in Google docs.

Gone are the days when MS Word, or Pages for the Mac crowd, were the only options available for crafting a top notch resume. Google now offers a whole array of free cloud-based applications, including Google Docs, which offer all the tools you need to craft a high impact resume.  

To make life even easier you can use a plug and play Google Docs resume template. This lets you skip the finicky formatting and get right down to business. The sooner you can nail down the perfect resume, the sooner you can get it in front of potential employers. The time has come to take the plunge into google docs.

If you're still using Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or Adobe InDesign for your resume, it's time to upgrade to a google docs resume template. Here's 6 reasons why google docs is the best app for creating your resume. #resumedesign #resumetips #resume

Why use a Google Docs resume template?

  1. It’s free

It doesn’t matter what device or operating system or browser you use, Google docs is always free! Mac users have to pay for Microsoft Word, and if you have a Chromebook, you can’t even install the desktop version of Word.

Some resume templates are made with even fancier software, including Adobe InDesign or Adobe Photoshop. No matter what operating system you use, you’ll have to pay for InDesign or Photoshop after your 7-day free trial ends.

Google docs is great because it’s always free.

  1. It’s secure.

We hope you’re not putting your social security number on your resume (and if you are, delete it now!) But you should be putting other “sensitive” data, like your phone number, email address, and mailing address. You don’t want just anyone to be able to access your deets, which is why you need to store your resume in a secure spot.

Have no fear, google encrypts your files and stores them in secure data center. If you use a robust password, two-step authentication, and you log out after each work session, your resume will be virtually impenetrable.

  1. It’s easy to save multiple versions.

My biggest pet peeve with Microsoft Word? Whenever you save a copy of your resume, the software overwrites all your previous drafts. I’ve spent hours trying to recreate an old version of my resume and more hours searching through the 800 different versions I have saved on my desktop.

Google docs makes all that searching unnecessary. When you use a google docs resume template, google saves your changes automatically, so you never have to worry about crashes (my second biggest MS Word pet peeve) or forgetting to hit the save button. Plus, you can see all your previous versions in one place, so it takes seconds to find what you’re looking for, instead of hours.

We all know that you’re supposed to tailor your resume for each job you apply for, but keeping track of all those resumes can be such a pain. With a google docs resume template, you can just keep editing the same base resume and saving each new version with the name of the position you’re applying for. This makes it easy to stay organized.

  1. It’s easy to edit.

Like most word processors, google docs has all the formatting tools you need to make the perfect resume. You can change the font, text size, and spacing in your document. You can insert images, change the colors of text and highlighting and make countless other changes to customize your resume (or any other document).

One of my favorite features is the ability to leave a comment and track changes. You can share your resume in two clicks, and get useful feedback from friends or family.

  1. It’s easy to access.

Whether you’re on your phone, the computer at your local library, or your kid’s laptop, you can access and edit your resume, as long as it’s in google docs. You don’t need to carry around a memory stick or email yourself the latest version of your resume each time you update. Simply log into your google account or click on the Google Docs app and you’re good to go.

google doc resume template on your phone

  1. You can save in a variety of formats.

Each job you apply for will have different file requirements. Some job listings want you to send an email with a resume saved as a word doc attached. Other companies want you to upload a PDF to their proprietary system.

In Google docs, you can download your resume as either of these file formats, in addition to several others, so you’re always prepared.

Quick Summary

The software you chose to draft your resume on and the place you choose to store it are important decisions. You want the application you use for drafting to have basic formatting tools, the ability to track edits and comments, and to offer easy options for sharing drafts with friends for feedback.  

You want to digitally store your resume where it will be secure and easily accessible from anywhere in the world. That’s why we’d argue that Google Docs offers the perfect platform for resume crafting.

simple google docs resume template

How do resume templates work in Google Docs?

Using a Google Docs resume template is as easy as editing an existing document. You start by selecting a template that suits your needs and then begin replacing the placeholder text with your own information.

All of the formatting and design work is taken care of so you can focus on shaping your professional narrative.   

Documents created in Google Docs can be saved in any file format that suits your needs (PDF, Word. Txt, etc.) To save your résumé simply  select “File” in the top left corner of the page, then select “Download as…” and then select the file extension of your choice.  It really is that easy.


Your resume is a living document, which means it must be easy to edit. To ensure this is the case you need:

  • Secure file storage
  • Easy file access from home, office, or hotel
  • Simple straightforward editing tools
  • A well-designed template that you can edit easily as your career grows

Google Docs can take care of the first three items and Resume Shift has you covered on the design front.  If you have these things covered you are ready to start the process of revamping your resume to make it stand out from the crowd.
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